Contact Details

Vehicle Information

  • To give an accurate quote, all we need is the vehicle VIN number. It's on your rego sticker, and is is a 17-digit code containing both numbers and letters.

Insurer Information (Optional)


  • If there is damage that we can't see in the photos, it can be helpful if you describe the damage.


Photos are optional, but sending us suitable photos will give us the ability to quote your job immediately. Click here for a quick guide to the type of photos we need to assess the repairs you need.


Photo Tips

  • Take an overall picture of the car, where the complete car is in frame, with the damaged section in the centre of the photos.
  • Don't take the images too close - it's important that we can see as much of the damaged area as possible.
  • Take the photos in natural sunlight where possible - make sure that the damaged area isn't in shadow.


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